Jesus Suarez: Motion Designer – Pro Video Podcast 62

Jesus Suarez is a Motion Designer originally from Venezuela. He shares moving the the US to make a career and life for his family. An inspiring discussion. Host Blair Walker also discusses his work for Prophets of Rage and his approach to learning 3D.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

00.41 – Jesus introduces himself and his work at Battle Media Lab
03.20 – Prophets Of Rage music video
04.15 – Discussion of Behance
04.45 – Mitch Myers on School Of Motion
05.30 – The challenge of keeping current on social media
05.55 – How Slack groups can help you connect, and help others solve problems
07.30 – Jesus is heading in to more cinematic 3d work now
08.25 – Jesus’s approach to learning C4D
09.17 – Jordan Jack animation
09.55 – EJ Hassenfratz, the Sketch n Toon guru
10.30 – Fusion 360: problems getting a good mesh in to C4D
11.10 – Jesus loves Substance Painter
11.30 – How motion designers can have the role of educating clients/creatives as to what’s possible with the software
15.00 – Blair asks about the challenge of learning and connecting with the motion industry with English as a second language
16.00 – About the Full Sail University course Jesus did
19.00 – Jesus’s short term goals: to work on short films and title sequences
19.50 – The enormous workload Jesus put himself under in order to get involved with making title sequences as a freelancer on top of his day job.
20.20 – The influence of Elastic on Jesus, especially the Westworld titles
21.50 – About Florida as a motion design community
25.10 – The Venezuela motion graphics scene, and why it is a small community
26.50 – The great challenge of being far from one’s homeland.
28.00 – What Jesus hopes to gain from making a short film

29.20 – Pro Video Picks:
The French Monkey

31.25 – Following Online:
Ash Thorpe
Mitch Myers

32.00 – Sources of Inspiration:
Ash Thorpe again
Collective Podcast
Akira Tribute

33.07 – Follow Jesus Online:

33.28 – Who should we have on the show?
Friendly Robot

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