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Jennifer Cearns is a soprano, anthropologist, podcast host and a UX researcher. Hailed as a “rare talent” with a “beautifully refined voice” (The Oxford Review), Jennifer Cearns is much in demand as a soprano both in the UK and abroad. She works with Seraphic Fire (U.S.A), St Martin’s Voices, Ex Cathedra, Musica Ficta (Denmark), Chappelle du Roi, Oxford Consort of Voices,  Philharmonia Voices, and EXAUDI, amongst others. She holds a master’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from University of Oxford and a PhD in Anthropology from the University College London. Jennifer’s research so far has all been in Latin America  and followed material/ digital things to look at how they’re appropriated in different contexts to express elements of social identity. As a UX Researcher, Jennifer has extensively worked with public and private organizations: Portuguese government, UK Trade & Investment, Loop UX, Maxmillan Education and more. Currently Jennifer is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Ada Lovelace Institute / University College London working on the on a project entitled ‘The Algorithmic State’.

In today’s episode we explore Jennifer’s multiple and equally strong yet seemingly unrelated careers. We ask how she balances the different skills needed and how she makes spaces for them inside herself? As a soprano, Jennifer is used to being in the spotlight, so we are curious how she manages to equally embrace the role of the silent observer. Being busy keeps Jennifer interested and thus allows her to accomplish more. But how to organize the workflow so that the thought-making process is given the deserved space and time? Jennifer also reflects on the highlights of her PhD project, which led her to writing a book, and on the unique working conditions that only academia can create. Listen to the episode to get energized by Jennifer’s vibrant approach to life and research.

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