Jamie Sherman, Intel: on how (human life) it’s complicated yet actionable; why (in VR) everybody talks to the robot dog; user hacking in design; working in business as an anthropologist – The Human Show Podcast 14











Jamie Sherman holds a PHD from Princeton in Cultural Anthropology and is a Senior User Experience Researcher with the Intel Corporation most recently focused on AR, VR content creation and gaming. Her areas of expertise also include wearable technologies, personal data & quantified self and language & behaviour. In her work with the Intel Corporation she supports multiple stakeholders, including designers, engineers, and business analysts to dig beneath the surface, identify experience drivers and opportunities and shape social research insights into actionable frameworks.

In this episode we talk to Jamie about how to make human insight actionable in the business world of virtual reality and gaming, how to understand and work with business language as well as host interesting conversations. We will talk about the connection between objects and sociality in VR as well as the value of user hacking in design and the importance of ethics in developing games and hosting social interaction. Lastly we will be talking about what its like to work in business as a classically trained anthropologist.

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