Growing a Remote Team, Recruiting Online, and How to Build Rapport with Meryl Johnston of Bean Ninjas

@AllanCaeg of chats with Meryl Johnston, Founder & CEO of BeanNinjas.

Some highlights of this value-packed 20-minute conversation:

  • “getting forced” into setting up as a remote team from the beginning and starting with building a location-independent business in mind
  • growing a remote team of over 15 people across many different countries
  • finding the best team members and the right culture fit (regardless of where someone’s based)
  • running team retreats to build rapport
  • working with a weekly stream of job applicants by understanding culture fit, commitment, motivation, and ability to meet deadlines through online assessments
  • meeting up with teammates and clients to build rapport (but staying productive via online collaboration)
  • virtual summits are great for transferring knowledge, but they don’t provide the same networking opportunities that you’d get from hallway conversations or lunch breaks spent together
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