Google Pixel Slate, LG 16-camera phone, and 5G in the US with Diana Goovaerts of Mobile World Live – Mobile Tech Podcast 84

Tune in for episode 84 of the Mobile Tech Podcast with guest Diana Goovaerts of Mobile World Live — brought to you by Audible.

In this episode we talk about Google’s Pixel Slate and tablets in general, LG’s crazy 16-camera phone patent, a potential OnePlus / McLaren partnership, and next year’s 5G US network and device rollout –among other things. There’s a bit of everything for everyone 🙂

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Diana Goovaerts:
Pixel Slate review:
LG patents 16-camera phone:
Huawei teases circular camera cutout:
OnePlus teases McLaren partnership:
Sony Xperia XZ4 renders:
Diana’s story on the state of 5G in the US:
My OnePlus 6T review:

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