GDC 2018, Snapdragon 845 VR, Huawei P20 leaks, and OnePlus 6 rumors with Scott Stein of CNET – Mobile Tech Podcast 47

It’s time for episode 47 of the Mobile Tech Podcast with guest Scott Stein of CNET – brought to you by Audible. This week we’re at GDC 2018, where Qualcomm demoed its Snapdragon 845-based VR devkit,and Magic Lead released its SDK. We discuss a bunch of AR and VR news, (massive) Huawei P20 leaks, OnePlus 6 rumors, and the Galaxy S9. Oh, and we talk about magic!

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Scott Stein:
Scott’s Snapdragon 845 VR story:
Magic Leap releases SDK:
Google buys Lytro:
ARCore gains 60 new apps:
Skywalker Sound and VR audio:
Huawei P20 leaks galore:
OnePlus 6 rumors:
Galaxy S9 blood pressure sensor:
My Galaxy S9+ unboxing:
My Bug Future Show 2018 keynote:

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