Gareth O’Brien Creative Director at Buck – Pro Video Podcast 48

This week’s episode covers Animation, Motion Design, 2D, 3D, Studios, Teams, Creative Direction and Community. Host Blair Walker explores all of these topics and the reality of projects at the high end of the market. Also what makes Buck, well Buck.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

00.50 – Introducing Buck
01.50 – Gareth’s history with Buck
02.50 – The company culture of Buck
05.55 – The shift from social life with the firm to becoming a family man
07.00 – The maturing of the motion design industry is changing the aspirations of motion designers: “the all-nighter” is not a badge people are aspiring to any more, just the opposite in fact.
07.30 – Growth of the Sydney team
08.30 – Is the difference in time zones between Sydney/NYC/London a drawback?
09.10 – The reality of working with remote freelancers
10.30 – The makeup of the Sydney Buck team
11.14 – Lucas Brooking
11.52 – Woolmark piece by Buck
14.00 – Blockchain explainer video for the government of Dubai.
18.00 – How hard is it to keep “lifting the bar”, bettering yourself?
19.00 – The creative impetus provided by competition with your coworkers, and for the love of the work
20.24 – How do you manage a project as large as Blockchain? Buck Sydney’s design process explained
24.00 – They use a Google Sheet to track their progress
24.45 – The importance of learning to take constructive criticism
25.15 – Slack groups as a source of constructive criticism.
25.45 – Gareth finds it hard to keep up with Slack groups outside of the Buck one
29.30 – Buck presentation at Node
30.45 – Holden project, Nike Athlete
32.00 – The importance of the personal side of the motion industry
35.00 – Passion projects at Buck
35.50 – Blend title sequence
36.20 – Woolmark was approached as a passion project: what they provided was way more than the budget really afforded
36.40 – Goodbooks metamorphosis was taken on as a passion project and ended up influencing the company’s style for an entire year
37.10 – Does Buck do bread and butter jobs?
39.00 – How important is typography to Buck’s creative process?
41.00 – Designing for social media: focus on the medium, or the piece itself overall?
42.00 – Buck’s piece for Aperol at the tennis open in Melbourne
44.00 – Assembly’s piece for the Auckland Harbour bridge
44.30 – Johnny Kofoed episode of the Pro Video Podcast
45.05 – Pro Video Picks:
Get to work early, so I can get home early and see my kids!
47.00 – The difficulty of only seeing your kids at bedtime

48.00 – Inspirational Video:
Spring Jam by Ned Wenlock
River Studies by Ned Wenlock
50.00 – Sources Of Inspiration:
eg. Serial, The Atlanta Monster, This American Life, Reply All
53.00 –  Following Online:
Glenn Miralles –  instagram

53.45 – Follow Gareth Online:
Instagram: buck_design
Twitter: buck_tv
Vimeo: buck

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