Galaxy Fold redux, T-Mobile Sprint merger, more Pixel 4 details, MediaTek G90, & Honor 9X with Helena Stone of GeekSpin – Mobile Tech Podcast 122

Tune into episode 122 of the Mobile Tech Podcast with guest Helena Stone of GeekSpin — brought to you by Audible. In today’s episode, we update the Galaxy Fold saga with some news from Samsung, we dive into T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint, and we analyze Google’s latest Pixel 4 revelations (is proper face ID finally coming to Android?) We also take a look at MediaTek’s new G90 gaming SoC, Huawei’s sexy Honor 9X, Oppo and Vivo’s latest shenanigans, and more. Enjoy 🙂

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Helena Stone:
Apple buys majority of Intel’s modem business:
Galaxy Fold relaunches in Sept:
T-Mobile won’t sell Galaxy Fold:
Note 10 pre-orders:
DOJ approves T-Mobile/Sprint merger:
Pixel 4 features proper face ID:
MediaTek G90 SoC:
Honor 9X official:
Android Auto update:
Oppo waterfall screen:
Vivo crazy screen-to-body ratio:
Red Hydrogen fiasco:

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