Filming, videography, editing, directing, drones, producing and working in-house with Brian Mulligan – Pro Video Podcast 43

Working across a variety of projects utilizing a full set of skills, working internally is a fantastic opportunity which host Blair Walker discusses with Brian.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

00.44 – What Brian is currently working on: In-house corporate videos for IMMI manufacturers of vehicle safety equipment.
03.00 – Being in house affords you a deeper understanding of a company’s products/business than if you were an outsider.
04.40 – BM produces a 3-5 minute “newscast” or vlog every day, Monday – Thursday.
05.50 – Discussion of challenges faced when collating footage internationally.
08.20 – as an international editing tool
08.45 – AI translation/transcription tools: Watson, Adobe Sensei, Speedscriber, Google.
09.28 – The explosion in quality and quantity of internally produced corporate videos.
10.08 – CAPE Remote Control Semi-Truck Crash: how BM organised and shot this “mini-documentary”
15.20 – Technicalities of the CAPE shoot.
Gear: Phantom cameras running at 1000fps to capture footage of airbags deploying, GoPros, Panasonic GH4, DJI Phantom Pro 3 Drone
Planning: 4 days prep time. Bespoke wifi control network for the truck. Computer simulations of the crash used to help plan the live shots.
17.45 – The importance of good audio capture. BM uses a standard shotgun mic with his GH4 and GH5.
19.50 – Educating your clients about the production process.
20.30 – The power of video as a storytelling medium
21.15 – “It’s not as easy as just picking up a camera and shooting something” – Making good video content requires thought, ask yourself:
What is your story?
What is your message?
Brian considers it his job to help people tell their stories.
22.00 – Defining boundaries – being a corporation’s internal video resource can have pitfalls: learn to tell your colleagues there is a process involved in video making, you’re not simply a camera operator on tap.
22.50 – BM’s career history.  The Ampex Ace 25 linear editing suite. Editing Beta tapes, CMX style. Grass Valley software/hardware. Lightworks. Chyron character generator.
29.15 – BM on 3d: “You can’t just stick your toe in the water, you have to devote a lot of yourself to it”
30.25 – The advent of HD in broadcasting, circa 2006.
31.20 – Brian ran Smoke on an SGI machine. This system is incredibly robust, rendering out DPX sequences on the fly and storing them on its own “server”, in contrast to the After Effects approach of rendering at the end of the process.
32.30 – Cost vs time constraints:
BW: “To the type of work you did, at the speed required” the Smoke/SGI suite was a was choice.
35.20 – Adobe Dynamic Link vs Smoke workflow
37.35 – Gear talk: Duzi slider, he doesn’t yet use a gimbal, Panasonic GH5. The leeway afforded by shooting in 4K, then editing in HD. Ikan lights
40.08 – All Brian’s gear has to be portable.
41.00 – The benifits of investing in good gear.
42.00 – Brian’s DIY “crane” handheld camera move, stabilised in post.

43.30 – Pro Video Picks:

Brian: Smoke and Flame for Mac
Blair: Keycloner for Ae

45.55  – Following Online:

Brian: Shane Ross
Chris Fenwick
Scott Simmons
Blair: Nodefest Slack

48.45 – Inspirational Videos:

Brian: The Man Who Skated Right Off the Grid
Blair: Holden 7s by Buck

51:15 – Brian Mulligan Online:


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