Dr. Henrique Z. M. Parra, Professor Social Sciences, UNIFESP, Brazil: working & teaching at the intersection between technology, open data, transparency and social activism in the public space – The Human Show Podcast 25





Dr. Henrique Z. M. Parra has an MsC in Sociology (USP), a PhD in Political Science (UNICAMP) and is currently a permanent Professor of Social Sciences at the Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP).

He worked as a professor, researcher and project lead at public and academic institutions in areas connected to social economic development, (social) technology, public policy, human rights and communication. As a photographer he lead or was involved in various projects of research or artistic production.

His current research interests are: the social dynamics of knowledge production in the context of expanding digital technologies; the socio political configurations of technology; relationship between social institutions, culture, economic and politics.

In today’s episode we talk to Henrique about his interests and projects in the space of data transparency and civic activism in Brazil. We cover the definition of transparency, governance and the “right” data ; legal governance in Brazil and the case for radical democratisation through open data and technology.

We cover his project in the city of Ubatuba where he helped build a prototype that aimed to empower social groups to access information that would enable them to contribute to the political debate in a conflict over a territory. We talk about the academic, public and private sectors, their position on open data and relationship to each other.  Lastly we talk about his future plans in the technology space.

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Mentioned in podcast:

Open Science Research Project – Ubatuba City
Short documentary on the project (English subtitles)
Project website (in Portuguese only)

OCSDNet – Open and Collaborative Science in Development

LAVITS, Latin America Research Network on surveillance, technology and society studies
CitizensLab, a participatory European network of local actors of change from different sectors and contexts.

Research project Henrique conducted in Madrid, Spain (in Portuguese only)
crypto annual event happening in Sao Paulo, Brasil

Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights (Marco Civil) (2014)English version of the approved law here
Understanding Brazil’s Internet Bill of Rights (2015, ITS)

The Commons Lab, Madrid
Gilbert Simondon

Henrique’s work (follow link to translate):


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