Dr. Anupam Das, Linguist & Assistant Professor at IIMK India: on politeness & trolling on social media -The Human Show Podcast 45




Dr. Anupam Das is a linguist and an Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, (IIMK) Kerala, India in the area of Humanities & Liberal Arts in Management. Dr Anupram has a Ph.D. in Linguistics with a minor in Information Science from Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana, USA. He has done extensive research work on the topics of impression management, politeness, and social proximity on social media such as Orkut and Facebook.  His current research interests cover: social interaction process on social media, photo blogging and small talk on Facebook, politeness behavior of Indian youths on Facebook, Computer supported Collaborative learning, and Social Media Promotion for social enterprises.

In today’s episode we talk to Anupam about his experience at the intersection of linguistics and technology; the positive and negative effects of social media usage on language and culture ; how people substitute the absence of visual cues when engaging via text on social media; we talk about politeness and trolling on social media and the differences and similarities between the western and the eastern worlds; the need for macro as well as micro governance on the topic of bullying on social media; the connection between ethical communication and/or product development and consumer trust; advice to companies considering employing social scientists.


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  • Politeness Theory


  • Article on strength of weak ties


  • Anupam’s PhD



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