Carey Smith Division05. Motion Design master classes in creative thinking and process – Pro Video Podcast 47

Carey Smith has an engaging unique style with the master classes he produces. From creating a show reel to exploring style and strategy his insights in creative thinking are a must watch for every creative. Host Blair Walker discusses Carey’s approach and workflows in create these epic lessons.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

02.05 – Carey explains his niche: “This isn’t a tutorial… it’s more akin to what you would have got in art school, crossbred with career experience”
03.35 – Exploring the myths around the creative process
04.30 – “Fail harder” is questionable advice
04.45 – Division 05 #7 Style and Strategy
05.00 – Division 05 #6 Snapdragon
09.00 – Discussion of the content of #7
10.00 – Allow time to explore creative options before diving into production
12.20 – The story behind Carey’s first course #1 Building A Reel
14.20 – Discussion of daily renders, the lack of substance therein, and the oversaturation of that field
15.00 – Find something your audience will care about, the importance of meaning, of narrative in your work
18.45 – Further discussion of Snapdragon
21.00 – Carey’s professional role
22.30 – What does a storyboarder do?
23.00 – He’s a self contained “studio” for other studios , working as a creative director, right down to being “the guy that jpegs” the storyboards and emails them to people.
24.30 – Trying to find a way to make his own products be financially viable
25.00 – How small studios typically start up
26.15 – The broad applicability of Carey’s tutorials
31.25 – “How to continue refining” – the last 20% of a project takes 80% of the work. See the 80/20 rule.
32.45 – The importance of asking “Am I developing a concept?…Are the things that I’m making representing that concept in a way that’s compelling?”
33.30 – Blair: “If you are able to explain to a CD why you are sure about your work, you may find that you’re not having to go back and create a whole new idea.”
34.50 – “Do you screen capture every project you do?” Discussion of Carey’s tutorial production process.
38.00 – Discussion of “The Fight” in the creative process: what to leave out of, what to include, in a project
41.00 – Origin of the name Division 05

44.05 – Pro Video Picks:
Carey: His peak creative time 10pm – 2am

46.00 – Social media is a huge distraction for Carey, so he doesn’t follow anyone. See Cal Newport on this topic.
47.00 – Inspiration And Influence:
Carey avoids looking at motion graphics for direct inspiration for his work
“Inspiration is everywhere” in nature etc. Carey talks about this in episode 5 Inspiration & Reference
49.20 – “Look at the world around you like a Pinterest board” (Blair)

50.15 – Inspirational Video:
Blooms 2 by John Edmark

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@divisionzero5  twitter

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