Capsule Episode: Dawn Walter, Anthropology + Technology Conference 2019

Capsule Episode: Dawn Walter, Anthropology + Technology Conference 2019

The conference aims to bring together technologists working in tech companies on emerging technology projects and applied anthropologists under the theme of championing socially-responsible AI. The specific objective is to show why anthropologists are needed and how they can add value, and to create a forum where people from both fields can network, share ideas, and collaborate across the disciplines. The intention of the organizers is to ‘buddy up’ anthropologists with technologists to get each talking to the other and create some real connections and dialogue. There will be a networking session in the morning, together with a ‘needs’ board, and an app to facilitate networking.

In today’s episode we are joined by Dawn Walter, Anthropologist and Organizer to discuss the Anthropology + Technology Conference 2019, its current theme and panels on the topic of Championing Socially-Responsible AI.

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Anthropology + Technology Conference 2019: Championing Socially Responsible AI, October, 3rd Bristol, UK Registration opens in April.

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