Capsule Episode Conference: Anna Berza, Anthropologist and Co-Organizer Why Romania Needs Anthropologists: On Mental Health – The Human Show Podcast 58




This conference is a satellite event of the well-known annual international symposium “Why The World Needs Anthropologists”, organized by EASA-Applied Anthropology Network. Having similar structure and values to the main event, this conference aims to bring together applied anthropologists and professionals in the field of mental health, opening an interdisciplinary dialogue and being a cornerstone for a future successful collaboration.  The applicability of applied anthropology is still widely unknown to the Romanian public, therefore the organizers are very happy to host this event in Bucharest, on the 1st of June. The program includes 4 lectures given by anthropologists, psychologists and psychiatrists and a short panel discussion starting from the question: How can we work together in order to create a patient-oriented mental health system?

In today’s episode we are joined by Anna Berza, founder and president of Asociația Inițiativa pentru Antropologie Utilă (Romanian Initiative for Useful Anthropology) and co-organizer of the conference to discuss WRNA 2019, its current theme and panels on the topic of Mental Health.  


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