Building Strong Team Relationships, Work Boundaries, and One-on-Ones with Abhinav Chugh of Peoplebox

Allan of RemoteCompass chats with Abhinav Chugh of Peoplebox, an employee engagement and performance platform for remote teams.

Episode Notes:

  • how managing remote/distributed teams is different (vs co-located teams)
  • benefits of going remote: no need to dress up, reduce commute times, hire from anywhere in the world
  • hiring people for a remote team is significantly different vs hiring someone for an office team
  • self-driven people are right for remote
  • one-on-one meetings are critical, especially for suddenly remote relationships
  • we build relationships by breaking the bread together
  • connecting personally is what differentiates teammates from 3rd party  suppliers
  • building connections has been deprioritized in remote teams
  • it’s harder to separate work and life when you work from home
  • if there’s any reason for employees to go back from remote to the office, it’s to separate work from life
  • Allan’s course on developing boundaries for remote work
  • we used to separate work and non-work with physical constraints and older

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