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Social Media Strategy Podcast 5: Social Media Marketing World 2017 – San Diego

    Highlights are in for Social Media Marketing World 2017 in San Diego,  Pauline explores the highlights,  like discovering the Growth Bot and sharing tips she got from 4 speakers,  Mitch Joel,  Joey Coleman, Chocolate Johnny and Chris Brogan.  Pauline dives in and shares highlights from her own session with her panel which included Philip Taylor, Molly Pittman, Marc Mawhinney and Jenn Scalia.   Download or Listen to Episode 5 directly Listen and subscribe on iPhone or iTunes Listen or Subscribe on Android RSS Feed The Social Media Strategy Podcast is hosted by Pauline Stockhausen and brought to you by World Podcasts and Executive Producer Paul Spain (Founder, Futurist, Speaker). Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android |...

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3: Where on Earth are all the Aliens?

            What are aliens, and how would we know if we found one?  Astrobiologist Professor Steve Pointing joins comedian Ben Hurley and host Dr Michelle Dickinson on a journey of discovery starting with his research into life forms that survive in hostile environments here on earth.  Armed with this knowledge, the team contemplate what life might look like on other planets, whether or not we could find aliens within our lifetime and whether spiders are actually aliens already living here. Get the Podcast here: Listen or download the mp3 directly Subscribe and listen via...

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2: What’s scarier – Bacteria or Viruses?

What’s scarier – Bacteria or Viruses?  In a world of deadly infectious diseases, which bugs should we be more scared of and can we protect ourselves from a potentially deadly disease? In this show Microbiologist Dr Siouxsie Wiles and comedian Jeremy Elwood join host Dr Michelle Dickinson for a frighteningly entertaining discussion which may send you running to wash your hands straight after listening. Covering important topics like whether or not you should finish a course of antibiotics, if the 5 second rule really exists and how Hollywood movies may have some truth to them. This show will leave...

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1. Are humans really the smartest animals in the animal kingdom?

    Are humans really the smartest animal in the animal kingdom, and how do we measure intelligence anyway? In this show, evolutionary biologist Dr Alex Taylor and comedian Jeremy Corbett join host Dr Michelle Dickinson to talk about the different types of intelligence shown by different animals around the world.  From dolphins knowing when humans are pregnant to cats trying teach their owners how to hunt, cross-species communication may be the secret to understanding some of the complexities around the intelligence of animals.   Get the Podcast here: Listen or download the mp3 directly Subscribe and listen via...

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Social Media Strategy Podcast

Launching this March during Social Media Marketing World in San Diego is the Social Media Strategy Podcast. Hosted by globally recognised speaker and social strategist Pauline Stockhausen, the podcast shares the learnings from results driven strategists and implementers of social media around the world. If you’ll be at Social Media Marketing World on 23 March, then get in touch to find out how you can come to the launch and meet Pauline Stockhausen, founder Paul Spain and others from the social media world. Subscribe for Email Updates First Name Last Name Email*...

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