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Author: Pauline Stockhausen

The Fearless Kitchen 48: Christine Manfield explore create inspire

Christine Manfield came into my life long before I met her. The recipes she wrote and compiled into her book Paramount, over 20 years ago, were my first introduction to South East Asia and I was quickly in love – with the flavours, the piquant hints of spice, the merging of ideas and cuisines into a dish. The layout was unique, the recipes were real and lengthy and resulted in layers of deliciousness and I was truly immersed. To meet Christine used to be a dream, and at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, it became my reality. You will hear the excitement in my voice as I introduce her and throughout our chat. I really connected with Christine – well I felt as if I already knew her so hardly surprising. Her youthfulness, in spite of her age, is testament to anyone that if you work in the area you truly love and are passionate about then nothing is an obstacle for success.   Get the podcast here: • Download or Listen to Episode 48 directly • Listen and subscribe via iTunes • RSS Feed Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android |...

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The Fearless Kitchen 47: Antonio Carluccio – Food & Wine Festival, Melbourne

Antonio Carluccio, OBE, OMRI, the Godfather of Italian cuisine, chef, restaurateur and food expert, flew from the UK to Melbourne for the Food and Wine Festival, where I had the pleasure to meet this most loved and respected cookery writer and champion of Italian gastronomy. Antonio was just shy of his 80th birthday relaxed and clearly chuffed to be in Melbourne and the centre of attention at the World’s Longest Lunch where 1722 people are seated to enjoy a meal he orchestrated. The entire festival was an amazing feat of organisation and passion, but this lunch was truly unique...

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The Fearless Kitchen 46: Melbourne & Toni Sassi

I am in love with Melbourne and Lyon Street brings back a host of extraordinary memories. When I studied at Melbourne University I would wander Lyon Street at all hours. Afternoons for gelato, evenings for pasta, mornings for coffee and Saturday afternoon at Jimmy’s for a glass of wine. When the opportunity arose to work at Tony Sassi’s it was exciting for me and for my friends who would constantly visit me from the other side of the bar. This were heady student days and I loved every minute of them. Join me as I share this story with...

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The Fearless Kitchen Podcast 45: The Rebrand/Solo Episode

This is my first solo episode where you will hear just from me without an interview attached. I have chosen to add some of this stories into the podcast to share my own story and the challenges I also face as a passionate lover of food, as a lover of motivating others – and how I try to pull this together to successfully make it my life. This episode shares the story of how The Fearless Kitchen actually came to be the name I am using as both the title of my book and of this podcast. My favourite...

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Social Media Strategy Podcast 4: Jenn Scalia – Visibility Strategist & Coach

  Jenn Scalia has learn’t how to do business the hard way. The first 18 months of her business she was underpaid and felt like she was unseen. She started to turn up consistently on Social Media as if it was her job and she started to see results. Jenn talks us through her story and how she used Social Media to build a reputable brand with a large audience. Jenn owns a very popular Facebook Group and shares with us how she built her group to be not only a highly engaged audience but one who purchases off her time and time again.   Get the podcast here: Download or Listen to Episode 4 directly Listen and subscribe on iPhone or iTunes Listen or Subscribe on Android RSS Feed The Social Media Strategy Podcast is hosted by Pauline Stockhausen and brought to you by World Podcasts. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android |...

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