Anorexia – The Fearless Kitchen 50

As a young woman I became obsessed with the world of food.  Yet, at the same time I was becoming familiar with myself and who I was and how others viewed me.  This is a difficult time for girls/women and I believe these issues are coming earlier and earlier – so it is no longer young women facing these questions but young girls.

For me, the desire for food and cooking came hand in hand with an unhealthy obsession with my weight and how I was presenting myself to others.  I don’t remember this as being an awful time for me – but for those around me it certainly was not easy.  My refusal to eat, my inability to drink alcohol in social settings without being ill, my misconstruing of the truth to those who cared for me.

I share this briefly with you my listeners because it is an important moment in my story – BUT also because it is important for general community awareness too.  We need to look after anyone we see heading down this path.  It wont be easy but it is vital.  If you or anyone you know needs help the best place to start is with your local GP who will be familiar with the service providers for Eating Disorders in your areas.


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