Andy Needham – Motion Designer, Editor & Compositor – Pro Video Podcast 67

Andy Needham is a freelance motion designer, editor, and compositor. He is also a Lynda trainer for 3D, motion, compositing, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Nuke, Illustrator, X-Particles & Octane. His clients include Google, Sony Ericsson, X Factor USA, and Coldplay.

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Show Notes: Compiled by Matt Lloyd

00.40 – Andy introduces himself
01.00 – He has been making C4D training for since 2013
03.00 – Andy is intending to take the C4D training a step deeper for, in the areas of Mograph and VFX
05.00 – OctaneRender for Cinema 4D Essential Training on Lynda
05.30 – Discussion of the accessibility of GPU rendering, as made possible by Otoy’s subscription model.
06.00 – Michael Rigley courses on Learnsquared: Workflow and Animation. He uses eGPUs, because he’s a Mac guy
06.35 –
08.00 – How Otoy were forced to up their game by the likes of Redshift
09.00 – If you want to work in 3d, it’s a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of all the major render engines: Octane, Redshift, Arnold etc.
11.30 – Discussion of the importance of finding quality sources of 3d training, eg: Lynda, Pluralsight, Helloluxx, Eyedesyn, Brograph, FXPHD, John Dickinson
13.00 – Tim Clapham’s approach to training.
16.00 – The difficulty of balancing work and family life
19.10 – Ditto for creative passion and professional life, and the boon of having a supportive family.
20.42 – How beta-testing can help accelerate your learning
21.55 – About Mocha, roto and tracking
25.00 – Using garbage mattes to help the tracking process
26.50 – How Andy freelances on top of producing training, and being a family man
29.00 – Why Andy chose to go freelance, and his advice to people just starting out in their careers
33.00 – Using Slack channels such as Brograph and ProVideoPodcast both to promote yourself and  to reach out to other freelancers, as Andy does when offered more work than he can do.
37.57 – Pro Video Picks


42.00 – Following
Monday Meeting on Brograph Slack

43.35 – Inspiration and Influence
Book: Design For Motion

45.50 – Inspirational Video
C4D Live

44.27 – Follow Andy Online:
X-particles challenge

46.36 – Who should be on the show?
Marc Knapton

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