Andy Goodman, BCG Digital Ventures: methods and practices on how to move from an insight to good design; the secret sauce of a good researcher; the case for the new design of iPhone 10 – The Human Show Podcast 15









Andy Goodman, VP Experience Design at BCG Digital Ventures is an artist turned service designer with a wealth of experience in the design space having worked (amongst others) as a VP of Consumer Products for Cortica and a Group Director for Fjord. He has spent many years leading multidisciplinary teams to innovate services. His specialities include: Service Design, Design Leadership, New Products, UX

In today’s episode we  talk to Andy about what is an insight and the methods and practices he employs to get it to fuel good design. We talk about his first research experience with users failing to execute a task he designed and how that lead to a moment of enlightenment.

We cover what he values in a researcher and the role of a researcher to keep design authentic to the insight. He shares how and why  the iPhone 10 represents, for him, a case of advancement in design as it manages to put & keep the user in a state of flow.

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