Amy Sheppard, Xero: What is an insight, how to build great design teams & what she looks for in a researcher role – The Human Show Podcast 9





Amy Sheppard has an extensive experience in the design space, having been in leadership positions in design across companies such as Deloitte Digital, Australia Post and Johnson & Johnson. She is currently the Head of Design for Xero (beautiful accounting software) and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

She is also a certified instructor for LUMA Institute, a US-based company that teaches design-thinking worldwide to help businesses leverage human-centred design methods to drive innovation. She enjoys teaching and has been a guest lecturer at the Design & Business program at RMIT University School of Economics, Finance and Marketing, and at the interaction design undergraduate program within the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning at the University of Sydney.

In this episode we talk to Amy about her experience working with insights, products and design teams. We talk about what is the right composition of a design team, what she values in a researcher role and how to build & transform products.

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