Amanda Betts: Fighting with Love – The Fearless Kitchen 51

Amanda Betts: Fighting with Love – The Fearless Kitchen 51

When I met Amanda I was intimidated.  I only felt that way because she seemed so strong and larger than life.  Yet, she was gentle in her passion to meet others and that included me.  We have so much in common that I am consistently taken by surprise.  Our growing up years could not be more different.

There is no comparison and I shudder to hear some of her stories, yet it reminds me of how totally blessed I have been.  I remember a smack once, when I possibly fully deserved it.  But, I mean a smack and I only remember one – that’s how good I had it as a child!  Amanda’s life has been so shattered and torn and yet here we are, together and drawn by each other’s determination to make a difference.  To share some energy with Amanda sets you off for a week.  You can’t help but feel fuelled to change the world.  Even if it is only one step at a time.

In our chat on air we ramble from subject to subject.  It is complicated to get it back to food, but the thread is there.  Food is more than medicine and what we put in our mouths.  Food brings people together and we are aiming to bring our missions to everyone, all over the world.  So listen in and hold on tight to something nearby and when you feel that urge to help – reach out and chat with us.  We are on social media – everywhere and are easy to find.  And we love to connect so share with us your story or your wishes and lets see if we can make some more dreams come true.

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Show Notes

  • Grandmas show their love through Food
  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Food as fuel for body and mind
  • Treasure Experiences
  • Judging others around food (and body)
  • Cooking to build people and for connections

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