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Social Media Strategy Podcast

Hosted by Pauline Stockhausen

The Social Media Strategy Podcast features the best from social media strategists globally along with expertise from host Pauline Stockhausen.

Pauline Stockhausen is renowned for her ‘go getter’ adventurous attitude, and is a successful businesswoman, social media guru and business coach with 20 years of expertise in online communities. Sharing her adventures, advice and online courses to people and businesses with daily posts, Pauline has a combined audience reach of 500,000+.

Passionate, creative, and intuitive, Pauline shines a light on the art of social media to people wanting to create and nurture their own online communities and can turn the dullest of online marketing plans into a lightning rod for business. She knows that keeping it real and authentic is the only way to go and is sought out for her specialist advice by celebrities through to politicians.

An international keynote speaker, Pauline most recently presented at the world’s largest social media marketing conference – Social Media Marketing World 2016 and 2017.  Held in San Diego, she was the first New Zealander to speak at the event for her specialist online community skills.

A single mum, Pauline has paved her way in social media with a “Go get em” business attitude. She is always challenging herself – and getting herself into challenging situations – from kickboxing charity fights to climbing mountains at 1000ft straight up. An avid writer, photographer and videographer she knows how to engage and entertain an online audience.

Oguz Konar – Local Marketing Stars

Ever since the days of selling water in flea markets at age 7, Oguz has been obsessed with business development and lead generation process. He’s the best-selling author of 2 books on small business development and marketing. He also the founder of 3 successful companies.

As the President of LMS, he is responsible from developing strategies and systems to help clients get massive results and make money. In his free time, he loves hanging out with his wife, his son and their trouble maker dog Tofu.

Oguz has been consistently honoured with many awards for the past 15 years, as well as speaking at various events helping and coaching hundreds of small business owners with their marketing related problems.


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Oguz Konar on Facebook

Natalie Tolhopf – Catapult Your Business

Nat gave up her day job to help awesome women go from feeling stuck, trapped and uninspired, to rocking their own business with confidence and ease.

After growing her own profitable business, and spending more than a decade as a business consultant and coach, she knows that success is all about mindset, focus and consistency.

Through her 1on1 and group coaching programmes like Shapeshifter, Queen of Sales and Planning for Punks, she helps women clear the mental clutter and just freakin’ do it.

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Natalie’s Website

Catapult Your Business

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Show notes

  • Nats’ journey from chef to business coach
  • Having a masculine attitude towards taking action
  • How getting Bells Palsy taught Nat not to be afraid to be real online
  • Morning Biz warm-ups
  • Don’t fall for social media reel highlights or compare yourself to others
  • Repelling clients
  • Imperfect Action – Sell BEFORE you build
  • Tips for selling online
  • Over delivering
  • Using paid Facebook groups to drive accountability

Owen Video – How video is taking over the world of marketing

How video is taking over the world of marketing Owen Video is a YouTube Marketing Consultant specializing in Small Business Growth. He has made over 1,000 videos for the web and has a YouTube channel with almost 1 million minutes of watch time.

Listen here:

Video is hot!

How Owen got hooked on video: Live streaming early adopter

– Moving from behind the camera to in front

How Owens’ business has changed from making videos to teaching others to make and market their own videos

– Video is a great marketing tool for everyone – you just need to find the right medium for your business

– Where does one start with video? Focus on ONE Social Media Medium

– The parasocial relationship

– Using Live video as a testing ground

– Tips on making the right content for your specific audience

– What equipment should you use?

The Video Spot


Owen on Facebook  / Twitter  / Linked In

7: Natalie Cutler-Welsh – Moving house and starting an online business


Christchurch Earthquakes changed the course of Natalie’s life. Find out how she changed her life and used Social Media to build a successful network business.

Go to Girl

  • Using Social Media to build a network from scratch when you move cities.
  • Doing what you love. Use the networks that you love – it comes across to your audience
  • Make regular Facebook Live posts to grow your audience if you can’t do Podcasts
  • Ages in Stages (how to juggle work and family)
  • Tips for Facebook Groups
  • Connecting with the right people who can help you move forward and change the world
  • “The Shoulder Tap” tip for approaching new contacts when networking online
  • What’s next for Natalie?
  • Collaboration – co-operation is better than competition

The Social Media Strategy Podcast is hosted by Pauline Stockhausen and brought to you by World Podcasts.

6: John Kapos – Business Owner & Social Media Expert

Chocalitier; John Kapos aka “Chocolate Johnny” is a successful small business owner based in Sydney, Australia. Through his social media expertise, he assists many in their field of work. Johnny’s own products have propelled in the world through his personable connections made online through his social media channels – predominantly using Instagram, Periscope and SnapChat.


The Social Media Strategy Podcast is hosted by Pauline Stockhausen and brought to you by World Podcasts.

Social Media Strategy Podcast 5: Social Media Marketing World 2017 – San Diego



Highlights are in for Social Media Marketing World 2017 in San Diego,  Pauline explores the highlights,  like discovering the Growth Bot and sharing tips she got from 4 speakers,  Mitch Joel,  Joey Coleman, Chocolate Johnny and Chris Brogan.  Pauline dives in and shares highlights from her own session with her panel which included Philip Taylor, Molly Pittman, Marc Mawhinney and Jenn Scalia.


The Social Media Strategy Podcast is hosted by Pauline Stockhausen and brought to you by World Podcasts.

Social Media Strategy Podcast 4: Jenn Scalia – Visibility Strategist & Coach

  Jenn Scalia has learn’t how to do business the hard way. The first 18 months of her business she was underpaid and felt like she was unseen. She started to turn up consistently on Social Media as if it was her job and she started to see results. Jenn talks us through her story and how she used Social Media to build a reputable brand with a large audience.

Jenn owns a very popular Facebook Group and shares with us how she built her group to be not only a highly engaged audience but one who purchases off her time and time again.


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The Social Media Strategy Podcast is hosted by Pauline Stockhausen and brought to you by World Podcasts.

Leslie Samuel from Become a Blogger




If you are wanting to learn about how to grow your business online,  then look no further than Leslie Samuel from Become a blogger . The resources that Leslie puts out can have anyone navigating their way easily.

A resource that Pauline shares with her audience and clients often.  Not only is Leslie’s Website a “Must have” For anyone who wants to grow a business online but the content that Leslie puts out each week on his Podcast is top notch.

Pauline and Leslie, talk about Leslie’s journey on how he got his dream job as a professor all because he not only had passion but he had a Blog.

Podcast Answer man Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft is the Godfather to podcasting.  With over 20 years experience Cliff has taught podcasting to influential entrepreneurs all over the world.  Pauline talks to Cliff about his journey from insurance man to living his dream of being an Entrepreneur.

In business there comes a time to pivot and we talk about how Cliff has used his podcasting to build a successful business as well as how he has started to transition into Business Coaching.

Cliff produces a podcast every week called The Cliff Ravenscraft show  Each week Cliff inspires and motivates listeners to take their business to the next level.

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The Social Media Strategy Podcast is hosted by Pauline Stockhausen and brought to you by World Podcasts.

Introductory episode with Paul Spain

Paul Spain who is founder and CEO at Global Voice Media and associated brands Podcasts NZ,, interviews Pauline Stockhausen on how her very first episode of The Social Media Strategy Podcast.  They discuss the concept on why Social Media has become paramount in day to day business life.

Pauline interviews business owners, entrepreneurs from around the World on how they are using Social Media in their business.  Upcoming episodes include Cliff Ravenscraft,  Leslie Samuel,  Chocolate Johnny,  George B Thomas,  Jenn Scalia,  Marc Mawhinney,  Owen Video,  Natalie Tolholf just to name a few.

Guests go deep into how they have used Social Media to build their business, how campaigns have been implemented. Learn about how to use email marketing, Social Media Platforms and how to be authentic online.

Pauline and Paul are heading to Social Media Marketing World to Launch The Social Media Strategy Podcast.


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The Social Media Strategy Podcast is hosted by Pauline Stockhausen and brought to you by World Podcasts.



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